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Big Data Analytics and Visualization with PowerBI and Tableau

This track is CLOSED, but you can register to join the “wait list.” Attendees on the “wait list” will placed for now in their alternate, second-choice track and then notified if and when space opens up in their “wait list” track.

Big Data Analytics and Data Visualization Dashboards are becoming a norm in business today. Data visualization allows the organization to interact with data to identify business trends and insights. As IoT and more internet network traffic creates more data, understanding and presenting data in a meaningful way is becoming a skill set in much demand. According to the World Economic Forum - Future of Jobs 2020 report Big Data Analytics will be adopted in all industrial sectors worldwide by 2025 and there is a great shortage of qualified workforce.

This workshop is an introductory session to the world of Data Visualization Dashboards and Big Data Analytics. Microsoft PowerBI and Tableau are two leading data visualization and analytics tools in the market today. In this workshop participants will understand the basics of Big Data and how businesses are creating a culture of data-driven decision-making. Participants will be introduced to the core features of PowerBI and Tableau software.

Data must be clean and accurate before any analytics can be performed. Thus, it is critical to understand how data cleansing/wrangling is completed with raw data to tell your story. Hands-on labs using these two tools will allow the participants to have a first-hand knowledge of how to utilize the software to gain business insights and trends. Participants will be able to demonstrate how to take different datasets and convert into a meaningful visual format for better understanding and decision making.

Hand-outs outlining the labs and datasets will be distributed so that participants can incorporate as a lab activity in their curriculum. Also, we will explore educational datasets to understand how your college/department is effective and efficient. Does your department know how many courses/sections are being canceled every semester? Why? How long does it take for our students to graduate? Participants are free to bring their own data sets to create meaningful insights for their institutions. Are you ready to tell your story with your data? Data is the new gold and we need to teach our students how to use it.

There is no textbook requirement. We will use PowerBI and Tableau free license (14 Day Trial) for the workshop.

Basic Excel knowledge including Pivot Table is helpful. Open mind and eagerness to learn

At-Home Computer Requirements

All Summer Working Connections attendees will need a strong and dependable internet connection. A web camera is preferred to help with class interactions.

Dr. Rajiv Malkan is a Professor in the Computer and Information Technology Department of Lone Star College – Montgomery in Houston, TX, where he teaches a variety of courses including Business Computer Applications, Programming Languages and Business and Management.

Dr. Malkan has over 30 years of leadership contributions in higher education within multiple settings. He has engaged in leadership roles including Founding Dean, Division Chair in transforming education. His involvement in driving key initiatives spans education delivery, thought leadership, grant writing, global partnerships and engagements on emerging trends. He has proven expertise in college accreditation & state compliance, including Dual Credit/Pathways initiatives for academic & workforce programs.

Dr. Malkan academic credentials include two master's degrees, a doctorate in Higher Education Leadership, and he was the recipient of the prestigious Kellogg Fellowship in Leadership Development. He is active in various professional organizations and is continuing his ambitions in cyber security and incorporating data driven decision-making in higher education organization. He presents at various conferences on data analytics and while executes on awarded grants, serving in community colleges and corporate education.

Track Objectives
At the completion of this track, the participants will be able to…

  • Install PowerBI Desktop and Tableau Desktop versions
  • Conduct data Cleansing and prepare data sets for PowerBI and Tableau
  • Create Dashboards using PowerBI and Tableau


Topics include:

  • Introduction to big data and analytics
  • Introduction to data visualization
  • Installing and setup – PowerBI, Tableau Prep and Tableau Desktop
  • Data cleansing and preparing data set using Excel and Tableau Prep
  • Creating basic visualization from data sets
  • Understand PowerBi terminology and tool sets
  • Understand Tableau terminology and tool sets
  • Create basic dashboards using PowerBI and Tableau
  • Create dashboards to share visualizations
  • Analyze trends from dashboards
  • Create basic arithmetic, math and quick table calculations

Please note the schedule is subject to change or be modified based on the needs of the track participants.

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