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Azure Fundamentals

This track is CLOSED, but you can register to join the “wait list.” Attendees on the “wait list” will placed for now in their alternate, second-choice track and then notified if and when space opens up in their “wait list” track.

Immerse yourself in the fundamentals and exam considerations for the Microsoft Azure AZ-900 Fundamentals exam. Learn about the principle of infrastructure-as-code and how to successfully deploy resources in Azure. Students that are successful in this course have a basic understanding of servers, virtualization, and networking.

NOTE: This year’s Azure track is not as advanced as the Azure track offered last summer, but this course will help you take the test for the Azure Fundamentals Certification – AZ-900. In other words, the 2021 track will offer similar (but different) topics and much different labs.


Basic understanding of servers, virtualization, and networking.
Introduction to Virtualization -
Servers Vs Desktops –
Introduction to Networking -

At-Home Computer Requirements

  • Web Camera
  • Microphone for asking questions
  • Windows 10, Windows 7 or MacOSX with macOS10.9 or greater.
  • Dual Core 2Ghz or higher
  • Tablet or Smart mobile device with internet access– (Mentimeter Daily Contest) (not required but recommended)
  • 1.0 Mbps up / 600kbps down internet speed for Video and audio Streaming.
  • 60-80kbps down for VOIP only.

All Summer Working Connections attendees will need a strong and dependable internet connection. A web camera is preferred to help with class interactions.

Brent Blawat is a strategic technical adviser, four-time Published Author, and Sr. Customer Success Manager who has a passion for the procurement of technology in profit-based organizations. Through years of consulting experience, he enjoys the unique challenges in overcoming complex architecture issues and designing solutions that make sense for the business. Brent is business-centric, while technology minded, and has many years of experience bridging the gap between technical staff and decision makers in organizations. He takes prides in his ability to effectively communicate to a diverse audience and provide strategic direction for large and small organizations alike.

Track Objectives
At the completion of this track, the participants will be able to…

  • Describe what to expect while taking the AZ-900 Exam
  • Understand cloud concepts, core Azure services, core solutions and management tools, general and security and network security features
  • Review identity, governance, privacy, compliance, costs management and service level agreements.


Day 1 - Getting Started and Diving In

Topics Covered:

  • Getting to know the AZ-900
  • Exam Objectives
    • Learn what makes up the modern Microsoft Exams.
  • Exam Resources
  • Explore Cloud Concepts
    • As-a-service Modeling
    • High Availability, Scalability, Elasticity, Agility, and Disaster Recovery
    • Operating models – OPEX vs CAPEX
    • Understanding the cloud consumption models
    • Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud computing.
  • Azure Architectural Framework
    • Regions and Regional Paris
    • Availability Zones
    • Resource Groups
    • Subscriptions
    • Management Groups
    • Azure Resource Manager
  • Daily Class Contest
  • Daily Case Study
  • Daily Labs

Day 2

Topics Covered:

  • Core Resources Available in Azure
    • Virtual Machines, Azure App services, Azure Container Instances, Kubernetes, Windows Virtual Desktop
    • Virtual networks, VPN Gateways, and ExpressRoute
    • Blob Storage, Disk Storage, and File storage w/ Storage Tiers
    • Cosmos DB, Azure SQL Database, Azure Database for MySQL, Azure database for PostGreSQL and SQL managed Instances
    • Azure marketplace
  • Core Solutions
    • IOT Hub, IOT Central, and Azure Sphere
    • Azure Synapse Anaytics, HDInsights, and Azure databricks
    • Azure Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, and Azure Bot Service
    • Azure Functions, Logic Apps and Serverless computing.
    • Azure DevOps, GitHub, Github Actions, and Azure DevTest labs
  • Azure Management Tools
    • Azure Portal, Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI, Cloud Shell, and Azure Mobile App
    • Azure Advisor
    • Azure Resource manager (ARM) Template
    • Azure Monitor
    • Azure Service Health
  • Daily Class Contest
  • Daily Case Study
  • Daily Labs

Day 3

Topics Covered:

  • Cloud Security – Case Study and Real world examples
  • Azure Security Features
    • Azure Security Center
      • Azure Key Vault
      • Azure Sentinel
      • Azure Dedicated Hosts
  • Azure Network Security
    • Network Security Groups
    • Azure Firewall
    • Azure DDoS Protection
    • Azure Web Application Firewalling / Application Gateways
  • Daily Class Contest
  • Daily Case Study
  • Daily Labs

Day 4

Topics Covered:

  • Identity Governance
    • Azure Identity – Azure Active Directory
    • Multi-Factor Authentication
    • RBAC
    • Resources & Tagging
    • Azure Policy
    • Azure Blue Prints
    • And Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure
  • Privacy, and compliance features
    • Security, Privacy, Compliance
    • Microsoft Privacy Statement, Product Terms, and Data protection
    • Trust Center
    • Azure Compliance documentation
    • Azure Sovern Regions
  • Azure Cost management and Service Level Agreements
  • Daily Class Contest
  • Daily Case Study
  • Daily Labs

Day 5

Topics Covered:

  • Deeper Dive Azure PowerShell / CLI / Cloud Shell
    • How to identify the right syntax on the exam?
    • Common commands to know.
  • AZ-900 Week in review
  • Exam tips, tricks, and question examples
  • Final Class Contest
  • Final Labs

Please note the schedule is subject to change or be modified based on the needs of the track participants.

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